2014 Ballot Campaign

The JP Progressives today announce our ballot measure campaign for 2014 in conjunction with our work with the Democratic Coordinated Campaign.

On November 4, Jamaica Plain voters have many reasons to go to the polls. One of the most important is the critical decisions we have to make about the future of our Commonwealth.

Make Your Voice Heard!

This year we have four ballot measures that will define the kind of Commonwealth we want to live in. On issues of our transit infrastructure, on the environment, on casinos and on worker rights, these are defining issues of our time. There has never been a more important time to make sure Jamaica Plain voters get to the polls.

We also know that these ballot measure will play a role in driving up turnout in the upcoming election. We will work on these ballot measures in conjunction with the Democratic Coordinated Campaign. In particular, we know that Martha Coakley supports the Earned Sick Time measure, unlike her Republican opponent.

Will you take 2 hours this weekend to help us get the word out? Feedback at the doors on all four measures has been overwhelmingly supportive of our positions, yet most voters aren’t even aware these issues are on the ballot.

Please join us this weekend, and over the coming weeks.

No on 1 • Yes on 2 • Yes on 3 • Yes on 4

No on #1 To Keep the T Funded. Retain the law that indexes the gas tax to inflation. We cannot afford to gamble on our transportation system. The shifting nature of political winds requires us to ensure the continued stability of this key resource for our state’s economic lifeline. Learn more…

Yes on #2 For a Better Environment. Expand beverage container deposits to include water and juice bottles. Container deposit laws are good for the environment, reduce litter, increase recycling, reduce trash-collection costs, and encourage consumer responsibility. Learn more…

Yes on #3 To Repeal the Casino Deal. Casino saturation across the northeast has made it impossible for them to deliver on promised revenues. Casinos act as parasites, hurting local businesses, provide poor jobs, increase social costs like addiction and crime, and are a poor strategy for economic development. Learn more…

Yes on #4 For Earned Sick Time. Gives employees the right to earn an hour of sick time per 30 hours worked. One million workers in Massachusetts cannot now earn a single hour of sick time. Earned sick time improves employee retention and productivity, and is good for our economy. This measure has proven beneficial for businesses large and small, and for employees across sectors. Please Join Us In Supporting This Critical Measure for Our Communities. Learn more…

Phone-banks are 6 to 9pm Monday through Thursday. Canvasses are available on Saturdays between 10am and 5pm, and Sundays between 1 and 5pm.

RSVP Here. Thank you.