JP Progressives Support Martha Coakley for Governor

We have seen what 16 years of Republican governors can do. It can wreak havoc on our safety net and on our right to choose. Republican governors were prepared to oppose equal marriage. Apparently Republican governors — even ones claiming to be moderates — need “Binders Full Of Women”. How many times do we have to be fooled by these so-called “moderate” governors who turn out to be not all that moderate after all.

Martha Coakley has fought for us as Attorney General. She has fought for us against the big banks during the foreclosure crisis. She fought for us on equal marriage. She has fought for children and families, and against big business. She kept hundreds of millions in our pockets fighting utility rate increases, and saved the Commonwealth over 100 million in welfare abuse. She’s been there for us as AG, and we need her as Governor.

Please email if you want to see how you can help.