About JPP

Jamaica Plain Progressives is a group of active Jamaica Plain residents working together to organize our community around progressive values. Formed in March 2009, we’re working to build progressive electoral power, mobilize around issues of importance, build the progressive community, and engage the greater Jamaica Plain community in the democratic process.

JP Progressives 2.0 expands on the work of the original JPP 1.0 to incorporate more elections work, as many of us have been involved in progressive political campaigns over the last number of years.

Statement of Values

We know we’re not all going to agree on every issue every time — and that’s okay. But we do think there are a certain set of values we all share that bring us together, and that makes us progressives. These include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • A commitment to equality for all people, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic class, religion, nationality, or physical ability.
  • A belief that there are some things — including access to high quality, affordable health care, a safe and affordable place to live, a living wage and a good public education — that everyone is entitled to.
  • A strong conviction that government has a positive role to play in our lives and communities.
  • A commitment to ethical and accountable government, and a belief that inclusivity and widespread participation in elections and governance is an important part of our democratic government.
  • A commitment to building a community that is environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • A belief in the right to privacy, which means that there are some personal decisions the government should not interfere with.

Who We Are

Jamaica Plain Progressives is a group of JP residents (and, occasionally, folks from neighboring communities) who are working together to organize our community around progressive values.

JP Progressives is an action-oriented group.

If you wish to play a larger role in our organization, contact us at moreinfo@jpprogressives.com to let us know what you’d be interested in working on with us.

What We Do

We’re bringing progressives together to:

  • Build Progressive Electoral Power: This means recruiting, supporting, and helping elect progressive candidates for office. JPProgressives members are often interested in being actively involved in local campaigns as organizers, fundraisers, and foot soldiers — and in working together under the JPProgressives banner to demonstrate the strength of the progressive community to our elected officials.
  • Mobilize around Issues: We’re organizing to raise awareness and affect change on issues of importance to the group. This process starts with helping members become more informed about issues of local importance, and we often organize educational sessions with local issue experts for part or all of a meeting. (Recent topics have included affordable housing, youth violence, and education.) We also help organize members to take action on important issues — call their legislators, attend community meetings, and talk to their friends and neighbors.
  • Progressive Community Building: We’re working to build a lasting community of progressive activists, one that will outlast any one campaign cycle. This includes finding ways to keep people involved after a campaign is over, developing progressive leaders in our community, and building relationships among members, and between members and the community.
  • Jamaica Plain Community Engagement: We also know that the Jamaica Plain Community is larger than the members of the group. We want to continually be reaching out to members of the JP Community to encourage them to participate in the democratic process.