No On 1

No On Measure 1. Keep the T Funded

Last year the legislature increased the gas tax in order to fund the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure. If you’ve been stuck on a broken MBTA bus or train, damaged your car on roads pocked with potholes, or driven over (or under) a bridge where you wondered how good a shape it was in, these are the funds necessary to maintain the transportation system. In fact, 53% of our state’s bridges are considered either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. This is the system that is the foundation of our state’s economy. It is critical for housing, for access to jobs, for attracting businesses, for our quality of life.

It had been many years since the least gas tax, because legislators are reticent to pass tax increases.

Rather than continuing an ongoing fight against the political winds, let’s retain a law that simply indexes the gas tax to inflation, and give our elected leaders other things to worry about. We cannot afford to gamble on our transportation system.