An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts

MassCare ran non-binding initiatives in the November 2022 elections in 20 districts across Massachusetts and won handily in all 20, showing enormous support for Universal Health Care in the State.  Many volunteers gathered signatures for those successful campaigns, and now the focus is on securing sponsorship by our state senators and representatives for the House and Senate bills, including a Lobby Day at the State House on May 4th.

JPProgressives is the Boston “hub” for the campaign.  You can contact Board Member Bruce Fleischer at, or MassCare directly to get involved. 

To read more about MassCare, the House and Senate bills, and how to participate, click on the links below.

 An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts.

Mass-Care: the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care

Here’s the sign-up form to join us for MassCare Lobby Day.