Introducing the 2022 JP Progressive Steering Committee

2022 JP SC

Thank you to everyone who voted in our 2022 Steering Committee elections, leading to an 83% vote for the entire slate.

2022 JP Progressive Steering Committee

  • Annie Rousseau (she/her), Co-Chair
  • Ziba Cranmer (she/her), Co-Chair
  • Melissa Beltran (she/her)
  • Ed Burley (he/him)
  • Mohammad Dar (he/him)
  • Enid Eckstein (she/her)
  • Michael Fishbein (he/him)
  • Bruce Fleischer (he/him)
  • Reuben Kantor (he/him)
  • Martha Karchere (she/her)
  • Cindy Lu (she/her)
  • Krista Magnuson (she/her)
  • Christine McCarthy (she/her)
  • John Riordan (he/him)

Learn More About the Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Governance

In the interest of Steering Committee transparency, the JP Progressive Steering Committee is publishing a summary of relevant documents that guide the membership, election, and responsibilities of the Steering Committee. Please reach out to us with questions or thoughts that you think would improve the organization. Thanks.

Steering Committee Membership

The Steering Committee consists of a minimum of five (5) and no more than fifteen (15) members to be confirmed by the voting members of JP Progressives. JP Progressives will strive to have diverse representation in its leadership including race, ethnic, gender and political diversity. Nominees to the JPP Steering Committee members must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend at least three meetings or events of JP Progressives within a calendar year;
  • Active participation in activities related to at least one of JPP’s committees (e.g. leading or substantial volunteering, fundraising, electoral work, etc.);
  • Pay annual dues to Progressive MASS at the time of confirmation; and
  • Be a registered voter.

Exceptions may be made to ensure greater diverse representation on the Steering Committee.

Minimum Expectations of Steering Committee Members

  • Attend monthly steering committee meetings, all-hands meetings, and major events.
  • Check steering committee communications on a daily basis.
  • Serve as an active member on one of the standing, primary JPP committee or working groups. 
  • Commit to a ~3-5 hours work per month on a priority SC role/ activity (excluding attendance at events and meetings) including individual responsibility for an activity. 
  • Respectful engagement and prioritizing the interests of the group vs. individual perspectives.
  • Proactively disclose formal engagement with campaigns or organizations that may pose a conflict of interest with JP Progressives’ public positions. “Formal engagement” refers to paid work, volunteer work, and fundraising but not financial contributions. 

Process for Electing Steering Committee Members

  • Each cycle, JPP will post a call for members interested in joining the Steering Committee along with the criteria; Interested individuals will submit a bio and a short written summary of their work to date and meet with members of the Steering Committee who will make a recommendation regarding nomination of interested individuals to the voting members.
  • The JP Progressives Steering Committee will make a nomination for the voting members to ratify at the Annual Meeting which will take place in Q1 of each year. Steering Committee must have consensus for all members to be put forward.  The membership vote will need to meet the same threshold, i.e. 60% of the ballots cast, as endorsement decisions.
  • All nominated Steering members will provide a short written summary of their work to date, reasons for wanting to be on the Steering Committee, and proposed activities for the coming year as background for the vote.

Governance and Terms

Steering committee members are elected to one-year terms with no term limit. Steering committee members can recall a member of the steering committee if a majority of the committee determines that to be a necessary step to preserve the cohesion of the committee. The elections will occur at the annual meeting in Q1 of each year.