You Are Helping Decide the Next City Council President

Three days ago, we asked you to call Councilor-Elect Michelle Wu and her colleagues about their plans to support Bill Linehan as the next Boston City Council President.

Linehan’s regressive and divisive actions have been well documented by the Globe, Herald, and all the Boston media. At a time when Boston is beginning a new chapter, moving forward together in exciting ways, a vote for Bill Linehan by Michelle Wu would do great harm to this progress and be a slap in the face to the LGBT community, people of color, and all who want Boston to be a beacon of equality, justice, and fairness.

Thank You to so many of you who contacted her as a result of our email.

Yesterday our email got quoted by Yvonne Abraham in the Boston Globe: “Michelle Wu Is Stumbling Out Of the Blocs.” Yvonne absolutely nails all the reasons why so many in the progressive communities and communities of color are upset.

“[Y]ou have to do some pretty fancy somersaults to see voting for Linehan as a giant leap for inclusion. Sure, Wu should keep talking with the guy who plays to the cheap seats and offends those who carried her to victory. That’s inclusive. But voting to give this king of divisiveness the gavel? That’s crazy.” —Yvonne Abraham, 12/11/13

We couldn’t agree more. Two of our very own, Annie Rousseau and Katie Forde, were quoted in this morning’s Globe urging Michelle to change course.

The vote for the next City Council President does not happen until January, so there is time for our voices to be heard! Contact Michelle Wu and ask her to join us in ensuring Boston has leaders who respect all our residents!  Remind her that we deserve leaders who bring us all together, not divide us!

While you’re at it, make sure to thank friend and JP Progressive Endorsee Ayanna Pressley for her consistent commitment to our progressive values. We encourage you to thank District City Councilors Josh Zakim and Frank Baker, and of course Tito Jackson and JP’s own Matt O’Malley as well.

Help Us Get The Word Out!
This weekend we’ll be dropping literature at doors around JP. The flyer will include the Yvonne Abraham piece and a positive message to Michelle about the impact she can have on our city by changing her mind on this vote.

Imagine the impact of letting our political leaders know there are progressives in JP willing to canvass in the cold and snow in December to ensure our voices and values are heard. 

Can you join us! You can pick up materials and a turf to drop at JP Licks on Saturday from 9-11am and Sunday from 1-4pm. Come inside and find us at the JP Progressives Table! Hot cocoa is on us!

If you can join, email us at

We hope to see you this weekend.

The JP Progressives,
Annie Rousseau and Reuben Kantor, Co-Chairs


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