Important Action: Call Wu and Other Councilors Today!

This is an important email, and we are asking for your critical help today. This is a matter of importance for Boston’s future!

Word is out that Bill Linehan, widely considered the most conservative Boston City Councilor, has the votes to be the next City Council President. But wait, it gets even worse! We’re hearing that three At Large City Councilors will be supporting him, including Michelle Wu, Steve Murphy and Michael Flaherty. Michelle Wu won Jamaica Plain, which voted for her because she told us she was a progressive.

Council President is a position of great influence. The President has the power to decide what issues come before the body for a vote. He decides chairmanships of critical committees. He sways votes on important issues. Do we really want a president who thought he should lead the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast because “it’s a cultural thing”; who compared including LGBTQ groups in the parade to allowing the KKK to march; who attempted to use his position on the redistricting committee to protect himself, and reduce the power of communities of color? The JP Progressives endorsed his opponent, as did four of his colleagues. This the man who stands to be the next City Council President.

But not if JP’s voice gets heard today!

There is a progressive coalition supporting either JP’s very own Councilor Matt O’Malley, or our Roxbury neighbor Councilor Tito Jackson for Council President. Either would make a great president. Either would provide great service to the city, direct the City Council with strong progressive values, be a progressive partner with Mayor-Elect Walsh, and enhance the power of the communities of color and progressive neighborhoods. These are the kinds of voices we need to lead the Council.

Please take 2 minutes today to send an email or make a phone call, to let Councilors Wu, Murphy and Flaherty know we need them to join the progressive coalition for Council President. Tell them that we cannot accept a vote for Bill Linehan.

A sample email or phone message can be as simple as:

“Councilor X, I supported you because I believed you were going to stand up for progressive values on the Boston City Council. Now I hear you will be supporting Councilor Bill Linehan for Council President. That is just about the least progressive thing you can do. I urge you to reconsider that support, and instead back the progressive candidate, either Councilor O’Malley or Councilor Jackson. Thank you.”

Like many of you, we were persuaded that Michelle Wu in particular was someone who was going to stand up for our values. Now she tells people she wants to be a ‘bridge between progressives and nonprogressives’. Voting for people who don’t share your values is no form of leadership, and is not building bridges. It is caving in. We need people who will stand up for what they believe, and this is the time for those who represent us to do just that.

Here is how the rest of the City Council breaks down. We encourage you to reach out and thank the progressives, contact the others with the message above, and definitely pass this along to your friends around the city.

Also In the Linehan Camp

In the Progressive Coalition


Thank you for reading, and for taking action today.

The JP Progressives,

Annie Rousseau and Reuben Kantor, Co-Chairs