JP Election Results … Thank You!

We have run the numbers for Jamaica Plain precincts. You will see below that progressive values remain strong in JP. Before we get to the numbers, we want to take a moment to thank you.

Thanks to so many of you who took the time to knock on doors, make phone calls, who helped this Summer and Fall. Your work was inspiring. Your passion for a better Commonwealth helps drive us all to continue to fight the good fight for our shared future. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Thanks also to those of you who stuck with us all these many months, through emails, tweets and Facebook posts about the General and Primary Elections, about our excitement about Maura Healey and Don Berwick, and more recently Martha Coakley. Thanks to those of you who responded so positively to our No-Yes-Yes-Yes campaign. Thanks to those who sent us emails, asked us questions, called and texted… Just Thanks.

You can see a full view of all the JP numbers for the Governor’s Race and the Ballot Campaigns. To summarize:

Governor’s Race                            Attorney General*
Coakley/Kerrigan 81%                     Maura Healey 87%
Baker/Polito 15%                             John Miller 9%
Falchuck/Jennings 3%

Measure 1            Measure 2
Yes: 29%              Yes: 63%
No: 71%               No: 37%

Measure 3            Measure 4
Yes: 59%              Yes: 84%
No: 41%                No: 14%

*Percentages include blanked ballots

In Jamaica Plain, we can say proudly that progressive values win. (Now if we can just export that to the rest of the state.)

Despite this being a tough election overall, there are some positive takeaways.

First, nearly 1 million workers in Massachusetts now have Earned Sick Time. This delivers a much-needed blow against income inequality, and offers a hand up to those in need of a way up the economic ladder. This is a measure that will have an immediate impact on so many lives.

Second, the power of the grassroots cannot be overestimated in the governor’s race. Martha Coakley went up against a candidate with a $7.8 million money advantage and came within 1.5%. Let’s acknowledge that while the ground game can’t make up for every disadvantage, we’re not likely to see too many statewide campaigns with that level of money disparity. Knocking on doors works! This is our advantage which we must continue to utilize.

And our final takeaway is that early engagement in races makes for a stronger endorsement. The JP Progressives made a point of inviting the primary candidates to talk with us early. We endorsed early so that we could spend our summer identifying supporters and getting our vote out. It’s hard work. But the results are clear. Our endorsed candidates won JP.

Again, thanks to you, thanks to all the volunteers, supporters, donors, house party attendees, signature collectors, and so many more. And so we say…

What’s Next?