JP Progressive 2014 Primary Endorsements

For Attorney General, The JP Progressives endorse Maura Healey

For Governor, we endorse Don Berwick.

As our original endorsement post notes, we’re impressed with Maura’s experience, her work on racial justice, her work on DOMA, and her fearless work to protect Massachusetts during the foreclosure crisis. For Don, he has shown the clearest and most consistent set of progressive values of any candidate in the race.

More JP Progressive Endorsements

The JPP announce three additional endorsements on Election Eve.

  • For Suffolk County Sheriff: Steve Tompkins
  • For Second Suffolk Senate: Sonia Chang-Diaz
  • For Suffolk Register of Probate: Felix Arroyo

The JP Progressives endorse Steve Tompkins for Suffolk County Sheriff. As Sheriff, he has shown he understands the impact that mental health issues, addiction and poverty have on the inmates in the Suffolk County jails. Steve has a progressive vision for combatting recidivism rates by implementing recovery and education programs for inmates. He has focused on preventing youth violence by visiting young people to talk with them about avoiding criminal activity. Steve shares the support of Senator Elizabeth Warren and City Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

The JP Progressives endorse Senator Sonia Chang Diaz. Since her election in 2009, she led the effort on CORI reform, has been a leader in the campaign for progressive taxation, has been a champion on issues of racial justice and stood up for the LGBTQ community. She fought foreclosures, protected the environment, stood up for choice and women’s health, and advocated for safer communities and affordable housing. The JP Progressives encourage Sonia to use her position as chair of the Education Committee to continue fighting for the reforms necessary to make our schools as good as they can be, especially in narrowing the achievement gap.

For the Suffolk County Register of Probate, the JPP endorse Felix D. Arroyo. As City Councilor, Felix showed himself to be a tireless progressive voice. On issues of housing, poverty, and racial justice, he was always a champion. While those qualities may not be at the top of the list of requirements for Register of Probate, we are persuaded that his passion for families and for children are what drive him to turn that office around from the disaster it has become. It is especially important to note that the current Register of Probate, Patricia Campatelli, has been on paid administrative leave, since January. The Boston Globe calls her unfit for office. Her recent lie that she received an endorsement that she clearly did not is just the tip of the iceberg. We urge you to help us remove her from office, by electing Felix Arroyo… but if not him, than anyone but her.