Berwick, Healey, Arena-DeRosa Comment on JPP Endorsement

Don Berwick, Maura Healey and James Arena-DeRosa respond to the JP Progressive endorsement yesterday.

Don Berwick, Candidate for Massachusetts Governor:

I am honored to have the endorsement of the JP Progressives. They are a group of committed activists, fighting for our shared values of social justice, equality, and compassion. Together, we can start a movement based on a new progressive populism. This Commonwealth can take bold steps and be an example, a beacon for the rest of the nation — we can have single payer health care, similar to Medicare for All; we can end child poverty and chronic homelessness; and we can lead the nation in clean energy and environmental policy.

Maura Healey, Candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General:

I am honored to have the endorsement of the JP Progressives. Their fights are my fights and their values are my values — from standing up for homeowners and consumers to taking on gun violence in our neighborhoods and fighting for civil rights and equality. I look forward to working with JP Progressives on the challenges facing our city and our state. I am thrilled to have their support.

James Arena-DeRosa, Candidate for Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor:

I’m honored to accept the endorsement of the Jamaica Plain Progressives. It signals a growing sense among Democrats and Independents that my executive experience, my history working on issues important to everyday families, and the progressive, common-sense ideas that I am raising in my campaign make me the best candidate to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, we encourage you to check out the video from the JP Progressives forums from March: