Progressive Voter Guide – Updated for Nov Election!

The Progressive Voter Guide [PDF] is a collection of information that progressive voters in Boston may find useful when deciding which candidate(s) to support in the Mayoral and At-Large City Council elections. Each Mayoral and At-Large City Council candidate was invited to fill out a questionnaire created by the members of the JP Progressives on a number of topics of importance to the group. In addition, we invited each candidate to speak, answer questions from the group based on their questionnaire, and meet members of the JP Progressives. All told, we hosted all four Mayoral candidates and 12 of the 15 At-Large Candidates.

Following the results of the Preliminary election, we edited the guide to include only those who made it to the final. (Though the full guide is still available in the archives.)

Read the Questionnaires

Each questionnaire is online. See the menu bar, above, to select which candidate’s questionnaire you would like to view.

Please download a PDF with all 10 questionnaires.

Watch Video

Each candidate was given the opportunity to make a brief opening statement before answering questions.

You can view all of the videos here.

Get Involved

Did you find the Progressive Voter Guide helpful? Then please let your friends, family co-workers and neighbors know about the project.

JP Progressives will also getting the word out about the voter guide in Jamaica Plain by going door-to-door and handing them out at community events. If you are interested in helping us get the word out, please email, and/or sign up for our email list.