2009 Voter Guide Archive

The 2009 Progressive Voter Guide is a collection of information that progressive voters in Boston may find useful when deciding which candidate(s) to support in the Mayoral and At-Large City Council elections.

Our organization did not make endorsements in this race. Each Mayoral and At-Large City Council candidate was invited to fill out a Questionnaire created by the members of the JP Progressives on a number of topics of importance to the group, including affordable housing, development, education, youth violence, budget and revenue policy, accountability and transparency, energy and the environment, transportation, jobs and labor, race and diversity, and human services.

In addition, we asked the Candidates to come and meet with our group on one of three dates — the evenings of July 29th, August 3rd, and August 6th. We used that time to give them the opportunity to elaborate on and clarify some of their answers and discuss other important issues. Information from those meetings are posted in various areas of this site.

All told, we hosted all four mayoral candidates as well as 12 out of 15, At-Large City Council candidates2009 Candidate information.

JP Progressives distributed these voter guides in Jamaica Plain by going door-to-door, handing them out at community events, by download on this website as well as at each Candidate Forum.

We hope the candidates appreciated this opportunity to reach out to progressive voters.

Please add your name to the email list located in the right sidebar to be informed of upcoming events. If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to email JPP at moreinfo@jpprogressives.com

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