Tom Conroy

Candidate for Treasurer

Video from the JPP Forum held on March 19, 2014

Bio from Tom Conroy’s website:

Photo from Tom Conroy's website

Photo from Tom Conroy’s website

Tom Conroy is the state representative for the 13th Middlesex District, which includes Marlborough, Sudbury, Framingham, and Wayland, his home town.

After receiving a B.A. in Russian and East European Studies from Yale College during the height of the Cold War, Tom started his public service in Washington by helping craft a more effective and less expensive alternative to the Reagan military budgets, so that more investments could be made to help Americans get jobs.  He then worked for Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), and served as a foreign policy and national security assistant for Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD).

His passion for helping the most vulnerable in society led him next to Thailand, where he managed a refugee resettlement program for Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, and Burmese fleeing persecution in their home countries.  During 1992, he worked in Cambodia helping war widows and displaced people during the United Nations occupation of that country.  In 1993, he established a refugee interviewing center in Haiti for the Clinton Administration in order to stem the tide of Haitians dying in the ocean seeking to reach Florida by boat.

Tom’s experiences overseas demonstrated to him that the best opportunities for anyone anywhere entailed a steady job with good wages and benefits.  After receiving an M.A. in International Economics, he entered the private sector, where most jobs are created.  From 1995-2011, Tom worked at small, medium, and large companies in Massachusetts, helping businesses grow.  At Public Consulting Group in Boston, he helped state agencies around the country maximize their non-tax revenues and manage their finances with best practices.  At Mercer Management Consulting he helped firms develop growth strategies and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.  At Marsh, Inc. he helped companies develop risk management and insurance solutions for their ongoing challenges.  While working, Tom received an M.B.A. in Finance from Boston University.

In 2006, Tom’s passion for public service inspired him to campaign for elected office, as a candidate for state representative for the 13th Middlesex District.  He won that November and is now in his fourth term.  In the Massachusetts legislature, he has served as Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, and currently serves as the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

Tom has authored several new laws, including budget language that has strengthened the state’s credit rating, and pension reforms that have reduced the state’s liabilities while preserving benefits for retirees.  This session, Tom is leading two major legislative efforts:  crafting a bill to raise the minimum wage and another to improve our welfare system in order to help the unemployed find new jobs.

Tom lives in Wayland with his wife, Sarah Sewall, a national security expert, and four daughters, 17 year old triplets and a 12 year old.