JP Progressives Endorsement Process

JP Progressives endorsement decisions will be made by JP Progressives Steering Committee members.  However, since JP Progressives is a Chapter Member of Progressive MASS, the Candidate Endorsement Criteria are guidelines listed below are based on Progressive MASS with a few minor changes to reflect the nature of our organization.

In the event of a City, County, State, or National elections the JP Progressive Steering Committee (the Committee) may choose to confer an endorsement to a candidate in the race, or may choose to withhold endorsement.  The Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) and no more than twenty (20) members to be confirmed by the current membership. Those wishing to become Steering Committee members must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend at least three meetings or events of JP Progressives within a calendar year;
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Committee’s goals through participation in its key activities (e.g., volunteering for subcommittee work, fundraising, electoral work, etc.);
  • Be nominated by a current elected member;
  • Pay annual dues to Progressive MASS at the time of confirmation;
  • And be a registered voter.

An endorsement will be made at a meeting which has been previously announced at least seven (7) days in advance.  In order to receive an endorsement a candidate must have two-thirds vote of the membership of the Committee present and eligible.

Candidates endorsed by the Committee may receive the following:

  • A press release by the Committee announcing its endorsement.
  • Permission to cite the endorsement in campaign statements and in literature.
  • Distribution of endorsement statements to the JP Progressive membership.
  • Campaign activates to be undertaken by the Committee (to be determined in consultation with the endorsed candidate’s campaign) may include participation in fundraising, phone-banks, door knocking, poll checking, and other activities deemed necessary.